Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Day at Stone Lab

Today was my first day at Stone Lab taking a week-long course of Oceanography. My family's summer cottage is on Middle Bass, so I took the Sonny S boat to the boardwalk, and my dad and I walked to the check in on Bayview Avenue.
Later, I met my three other room mates, who are all in the same class as me. There's around 13 students in our class and everyone is excited for this week. We went to orientation and then dinner (spaghetti) and afterwards we took a short rowboat ride off of Gibralter. It was fun, and we plan to make it to the bay at some point this week!

At 6:30 we had our first session of class and the subject is very interesting to me. I think I will definitely learn a lot about an area I'm interested in!
This evening we walked around the island and found the cliffs and also trails that lead to the shore; its a beautiful island! Everyone's pretty tired from the first day, so we're going to bed early!

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